CCN places Finest Known Indian Head Cent Collection

30 Pennies Sell for $1 Million+ in Private Transaction Crescent City Numismatics · Jun 24, 2020
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Eagle Eye Rare Coins Purchases the finest Indian cent collection for over $1 Million

Mandeville, LA — Carlos Cabrera of Crescent City Numismatics announces the sale of the “Jasper Mantooth” collection to Eagle Eye Rare Coins of Tucson AZ. The collection, valued well over $1 million, is the top registry set in the PCGS registry for all-time finest Indian cent collection. The collection contains 30 coins which are finest known or tied for finest known. There are five coins which are single-graded finest known. There are 26 coins grading MS67RD or MS67+RD and a single MS68RD.

Rick Snow, owner of Eagle Eye Rare Coins is the national expert on Indian cents. Eagle Eye has been in business since 1992 and during that time has sold many of the finest Indian cent collections ever assembled. His web site is

Carlos Cabrera, owner of Crescent City Numismatics hand selected all the examples in the collection over a three year period and was able to get the collection to the pinnacle for the set composition. All were carefully selected for beauty and for being the top of the census for almost the entire set! Carlos Cabrera is a Full PNG member #786 and has been helping collectors since 2000 to acquire the finest examples of all series and denominations with a focus on key dates. “It was pleasure to know that this set would go to the expert of the series! Rick and I have done many deals over the years but this one was special.” His website is